The place where my mind ineloquently rambles

So this is pretty much just an anonymous blog about anything on my mind. I'll probably post some weird stuff here, so trigger warning. I don't promote self harm; this stuff is literally just my thoughts. Feel free to talk to me any time, the least I can do is listen :)

My internet presence is almost constant; mass produced, worthless. I’ll always be there, refreshing the page, waiting for someone to talk to me… to save me. 

Ugh i don’t have time for depression right now. I need to fucking revise, but there’s this constant feeling of being worthless, non-existent and just empty. I hate it.

Just casually having a breakdown before my gcse’s officially start tomorrow. I hate this education system - it’s just learning things, writing them on a page, then forgetting them a week later. And it’s causing me to break down.  

Thanks, education. Thanks.

I’m not asking for a miracle…

I’m not asking for a miracle…

So i’ve been on study leave for less than a week and I can already feel my mind slipping down into depression again. I don’t know how i’m going to get through summer tbh… 

I hate the way that dieting adverts are always on tv, and you see normal size women trying to loose weight or whatever. To me, it seems the normal thing to do to want to loose weight no matter how skinny you are. It’s just what’s done in society right?

So I only have scars on my thighs (tiny ones on my arms) and i’m perfectly fine with that. I don’t think i’ll want them to go away even if I stop harming. Why? Because only someone that truly loves me will get to see my darkest past; but that in itself is a sign of a bright future.

I forgot that people I knew followed my main blog and almost posted something about self harm. Thank GOD I remembered.

Hmm i forgot to eat today, oh well.

It’s like every time I go look in the fridge, nothing’s appealing. It’s all just objects. I don’t really feel hungry… i don’t really feel anything.